Our land

Agence Valora has a portfolio of building land in the Ribérac area at your disposal , and we are available for any information you might need.

An increasing number of our clients are interested in energy saving building projects, as fuel prices are continually fluctuating.

Today we are confronted with new building regulations for insulation, which are becoming more and more strict.

There are other ways of saving energy, such as solar panels, geothermic heating or even borehole heat exchangers.

Of course, all these methods come at a price, but since it is a long term investment, the customer can only gain.

The Dordogne is an ideal area to build because of the beauty of the countryside, the wealth of its history and the relative lack of pollution; and so an ideal environment either to watch your children grow up or enjoy your retirement.

The area of a plot of building land can vary from about 500m² for a small project in town up to a hectare in the countryside for someone who wishes to create a large garden or simply keep animals who need space.

The area has plenty of excellent builders, and for those who have their own ideas about their project, some very good architects and tradesmen, available for our customers to realise and build their dream home.