Property sales tips in Dordogne

Are you selling a property ?

We take care of everything, preparing the descriptions, putting up advertisements on our own site as well as more than ten other sites we are linked with and the diffusion of the properties to our partner real estate agents in England and Benelux where they also have their own websites. We also manage appointments and take care of the visits with potential buyers. Furthermore, we are an active intermediary during any negotiations and we write up the preliminary sales agreement.
Selling a property takes time and knowledge of the region for the evaluation of the sales price as well as all the steps involved in the sale itself. For these reasons, it is strongly advised even indispensable to work with an agency.

When you decide to sell your property, take a look at it with a critical eye. We know that even the smallest of details can hinder a sale. For example, a stained wall can be prohibitive or the buyer can try to lower the price. A lick of paint can avoid these kinds of problems. Also, always think about leaving your home tidy. A mess can put off a buyer and also give the impression that the property is smaller than it actually is. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes to identify small things that might displease and try to remedy them.

The obligation to deliver (L’obligation de délivrance)

As a seller, you must hand over the keys, the old sales deeds and have vacated the property (unless it is sold furnished or rented). The property must be delivered in the same state as it was on the day of the signature of the final sales deed with it’s fitiings such as sink, shower etc. In return, the buyer pays the sales price.

Pre-emption rights of a tenant (Les droits de préemption du locataire)

Pre-emption rights gives the tenant the possibilty to buy your property he is renting. Several scenarios are possible in the case of a sale of a rented property. We advise you on what to do according to your situation.

The technical diagnosis report (Le dossier de diagnostic technique)

Since the 1st of november 2007, subject to the situation of your property, a technical diagnosis report must be annexed to the preliminary sales agreement, or failing that, to the final sales deed. The report is composed of the following documents

  • the findings of risk of exposure to lead
  • a statement indicating the presence or absence of asbestos
  • a statement on the presence of termites
  • the status of the interior installation of gas and electricity
  • the condition of natural and technological hazards
  • a certificate for the installation of sanitation if the unit is not connected to the the mains drainage
  • and since the 1st of january 2011 there is also the energy performance report that is obligatory even for the sale, the classification of the property has to be included in all the ads.

Not all properties need all the diagnostics, we can inform you about which are obligatory in your case. Be aware that the diagnostics are at your expense but we are available to take care of the steps to ensure they will be done.


Selling land

In the preliminary sales agreement and the final sales deed of a building land plot, there has to be a mention of the boundaries. In the case of an isolated plot, the deed has to contain a description of the land, limits and area, but not necessarily the landmarks.

If the plot is part of a subdivision, the deed must mention a description of the plot as well as the land marks. In the absence of this information, the buyer can invoke the nullity of the deed on the condition that he does so within a month of the signing of the final sales deed.